Saturday, October 20, 2007

What's Up, Mah . . . [Album]

The last I heard, rappers and entertainers alike were holding funerals for the N-word. Apparently, "Nas" didn't get the memo.

NEW YORK - To some, it's a hurtful racial epithet. For Nas, it's an album title.

The rapper told MTV News that he would indeed be naming his new album after the N-word. And he denied earlier reports that the album's title would be spelled "N---a," considered in some circles a less inflammatory epithet. He said the disc is due out Dec. 11.

"(People) shouldn't trip off the (album's) title; the songs are crazier than the title," he said in an interview posted on MTV's Web site.

Oh, good. So the songs on the album are worse than the racist cover? Sign me up! Don't worry, though, kids; Nas has a message for all of you naysayers and "old heads" out there, too . . .

"We're taking power from the word," he added. "No disrespect to none of them who were part of the civil rights movement, but some ... in the streets don't know who (civil rights activist) Medgar Evers was ... they know who Nas is," the rapper said, referring to the civil rights leader slain in the 1960s.

"And to my older people who don't know who Nas is and who don't know what a street disciple is, stay outta this (expletive) conversation. We'll talk to you when we're ready. Right now, we're on a whole new movement. We're taking power from that word." (H/T - Yahoo!)

I just love it when I get to use my English Minor in real world applications. Someone give me a red pen!
  • "No disrespect to none of them who were part of the civil rights movement . . ." - Terrific use of the double-negative here, Nas. You realize that you just said you are disrespecting them, right?
  • "[S]tay outta this (expletive) conversation." - Brilliant! Nice use of street slang, as well as correct insertion of an expletive for emphasis. Is it possible for a rapper to finish a sentence without swearing?
  • "[W]e're on a whole new movement." - Really? Are you standing on the movement, or are you riding atop the movement? Help me out here.
Nice effort, Nas, but I give you a D-.

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