Saturday, November 10, 2007

"Mr. Toilet" Flushes Away Good Taste

Do you think anyone is allowed to walk around this home without a newspaper?
SUWON, South Korea - Sim Jae-duck has made his political career as South Korea's Mr. Toilet by beautifying public restrooms. Now he's got a home befitting his title: a toilet-shaped domicile complete with the latest in lavatory luxury.

Sim is building the two-story house set to be finished Sunday to commemorate the inaugural meeting later this month of the World Toilet Association. The group, supported by the South Korean government, aims no less than to launch a "toilet revolution," by getting people to open their bathroom doors for the sake of improving worldwide hygiene.

"The toilet revolution should start with talking about toilet issues freely," said Song Young-kwon, head of the organizing committee for the five-day conference that opens Nov. 21. (H/T - Yahoo!)
I agree. Let's begin, shall we?
  • How much money did Sim piss away to build this architectural abomination?
  • The design is interesting, but I hear that the residence is in a crappy neighborhood.
  • I hear that the home suffered major rain damage when Sim left the roof up.
  • Allegedly, Sim wanted to construct this home in Flushing Meadows, New York.
Feel free to insert your own bad puns in the comments section.

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