Friday, January 04, 2008

Weekend Caption Contest

"Ice To See You" Caption Contest
(Source: Break)

Submit your original caption for this photo in the Shots Fired section, or e-mail me your photoshop entries. The winners will be announced on Monday, January 7th. Good luck!

Other Great Contests:
Cowboy Blob
Gone Rick Motel
Rodney Dill (I took an Honorable Mention here last week.)

Photoshop Entries:
Cowboy Blob

Top Ten Entries (Phenomenal Entries, All!):
10. Proud of his weight loss success, Wyatt now refuses to wear pants. - Wagonsux
9. Addicted to plastic surgery after his knee injury, Wyatt follows up with gender reassignment, moves to Ontario and still has no wrist shot! - Captain America
8. Fox finally airs a hockey game people will watch. - The Man
7. Go put on your clothes, Wyatt. It's the Selke Trophy, not the silky panties. - RT
6. If you think she's good with the puck, wait 'til she shows you her stick-handling skills. - GOP and College
5. Man, she's dropped everything BUT the gloves. - Deathlok
4. After being called 5 minutes for spearing, Wyatt told the ref on the way to the penalty box: "There's no way I'll need more than two.." - Vincent Antonelli
3. Even Wyatt could muster up enough energy to play defense against this team. - The Badger
2. Dominator vs. Dominatrix (Hasek didn't stand a chance). - Rodney Dill

WINNER! - Cowboy Blob's Photoshop.

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