Friday, February 08, 2008

Weekend Caption Contest

Tight Fit Caption Contest
(Source: Reuters)

Other Current Contests:
Blonde Sagacity
Cowboy Blob
Gone Rick Motel
Right Pundits (I took 2nd Place here last week!!)
Rodney Dill (I took 3rd Place here last week!)
RT (I took 3rd Place here last week!)

Photoshop Entries:

Cowboy Blob

Top Ten Entries:
10. Unidentified male is arrested after going crazy at a weight loss competition weigh in. He was seen throwing chairs, knocking over table and screaming "How did I lose to Wyatt?" over and over again. - The Badger
9. Due to his recent weight loss, Wyatt needs chains to hold up his pants now, as he boarded the bus to Weight Watcher's. - Mrs. Grim
8. Dunkin' Donuts manager arrested for being boss of the hole smuggling operation. - Assrot
7. Wyatt's wisecracking ways finally land him in hot water as he led away for felony sarcasm. - Captain America
6. The Philadelphia Police Department perfomed it's annual Paddywagon shock absorber test this week. . . . - Deathlok
5. "Hey, Kool-Aid!" - Randal Graves
4. If it don't fit... you must acquit. - Rodney Dill
3. Cowboy Blob's photoshop.
2. "Watch your head, Mrs. Clinton." - Big White Hat

WINNER! - "Try not to eat any of the other prisoners." - BobG

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