Thursday, April 24, 2008

"Semi-Pro" Bear Kills Trainer

This story is unbearable. (Yeah, I'm going to Hell.)

The grizzly bear that wrestled Will Ferrell's character in the recent film "Semi-Pro" seemed to obediently follow cues which made its killing of its trainer with a bite to the neck all the more stunning.

Three experienced handlers were working with the grizzly Tuesday at the Predators in Action wild animal training center when the bear attacked Stephan Miller, 39, said San Bernardino County sheriff's spokeswoman Cindy Beavers.

Stephan Miller is the cousin of training center owner Randy Miller, she said.

Pepper spray was used to subdue and contain the bear, and there were no other injuries, Beavers said. Paramedics arriving shortly after the initial emergency call around 3 p.m. were unable to revive Stephan Miller. (H/T - Yahoo!)

I hate to sound like a bigger jerk than I usually am, but was this incident really unexpected? It's a frakkin' grizzly bear! Thousands of years of instinct are not just going to go away just because someone trained it to wrestle. When will people use some common sense?

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