Saturday, May 17, 2008

Swing And A Long Drive!

L to R: Fish, Me (pre-diet), Vinnie, and Badger at the links.

It's that time of year again, kids! Time for our annual two-day golf trip in scenic York, PA. (Yeah, that would be Amish Country, gang.) My friends and I will be staying with 140 other golfers at the Heritage Hills Golf Resort. The trip, organized by Badger's brother Sean, includes room, breakfast buffet, two rounds of golf, and carts for less than $150. You cannot go wrong.

A few of my fellow bloggers will be there, including Deathlok and Grimjack, but this is not a social function, per se. You see, because when my friends and I aren't golfing, we'll be at the bar, drinking drafts of Guinness and taking shots of every liquor known to man. It's Heaven on earth. The fact that the weather report is showing thunderstorms on Sunday and Monday doesn't bode well for our golf games, but it bodes very well for our livers.

I realize the thought of me not being here scares the hell out of some of you - and gives most of you intense feelings of joy - but I am not leaving the blog dead in the water. The lovely and talented Jim from bRight & Early will be taking over in my absence. Please give him the same respect you give me. And by that, I mean call him a racist and a hate-monger. Heh.

I'll be back to posting Monday night . . . or Tuesday if I get really, really drunk.

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