Friday, May 02, 2008

Weekend Caption Contest

Stop Snitchin' Caption Contest
(Source: Reuters)

Submit your original caption to this photo in the comments section, or e-mail me your photoshop entries. The winners will be announced on Monday, May 5th. Good luck!

Original Caption: An LAPD officer assists a young boy during a May Day immigration and labor march and rally in downtown Los Angeles, May 1, 2008.

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Photoshop Entries:
- B.C.

- bRight & Early

Top Ten Entries:
10. Shorty - "Yo holmes, you didn't see nothing."
Officer - "Thanks for the cabbage, Paco. NOTHING TO SEE HERE FOLKS, MOVE ALONG!" JimmyB
9. "You a cop? You look like a cop." - RFTR
8. So the guy who took your candy was wearing a cowboy hat and red long johns??? - Dennis
7. "So kid, you say your mom is single and works at a donut shop?" - BobG
6. Juan does the age-old trick: Look cute, distract the caring officer, and ten of his relatives can sneak by and get into California's socialist system. - RT
5. bRight & Early's Photoshop.
4. My papa says you are a pendejo. - Vance
3. Brittany Spears is my mother, help me. - The Man
2. You have Court Vision, don't you, little Adriano? Tell me who the Pyro is. - Mope (Bonus points for the Derby reference.)

WINNER! - "Don' taze me, hermano!" - Darth Bacon

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