Monday, October 26, 2015

A Royale With Sleaze

I have always been a fan of Quentin Tarantino's films. Reservoir Dogs, Pulp Fiction, and Inglourious Basterds are, in my opinion, almost perfect movies. While Tarantino is an awful actor, and usually goes over the top in his directing, I always enjoyed his work.

Then this happened.

Academy Award-winning filmmaker Quentin Tarantino has joined hundreds of people rallying and marching through the streets of New York City to protest police brutality. The group rallied Saturday in Manhattan's Washington Square Park before marching about 2 miles along Sixth Avenue.

Speakers at the protest say they want to bring justice for people killed by police. Tarantino flew in from California to march alongside academic Cornel West at the RiseUpOctober event.

The protest comes days after a police officer was fatally shot while chasing a theft suspect.

Police officers are almost treated as the bad guys in Tarantino's films. They are always referenced in derogatory ways, and usually seen being shot and/or killed. I assumed Tarantino was no fan of the police, but I put that aside for the sake of the entertainment. That said, attending an anti-police rally (and make no mistake, that is exactly what this was) the same week as yet another NYPD police officer was murdered is not just bad optics, it's downright despicable.

Tarantino's film, "The Hateful Eight," premieres on Christmas. I will not be attending.


  1. I like his work, but I've never had any doubt that Quentin Tarantino is a douche. Spike Lee once questioned whether Tarantino aspired to be "am honorary black man." Now, I find Spike Lee to be even douchier than Tarantino, but he may be on to something. Maybe Tarantino thinks attending a protest like this helps his street cred in the 'hood.

  2. John - That's a brilliant point. Show up to the protest and find yourself immune from criticism when your new film debuts.

  3. Comrade Tarantino can drop dead.
    His movies are no the no go list for me

  4. I would bet this stupidity will cost him some serious bucks at the box office. I have nothing good to say about this clown after his lack of good judgment.

  5. Rick - Me too.

    Metoo - With a new film coming out in December, you'd think he wouldn't alienate half his audience.

    1. Nope, this bat rastard believes that his actions are pure as the driven snow & that you're the one with the problem. He needs to get into Shylaman territory and even then he may not wake up.

      I love Inglorious because it's a perfect bookend to the Dirty Dozen. Too bad the "great" director had to ruin my plans for Nov 11.

    2. Try to look at it this way: Inglourious is great primarily because of Christoph Waltz, not necessarily for Tarantino's direction.