Tuesday, October 27, 2015

Marco? So Low!

Politically speaking, Marco Rubio has been dead to me for a very long time. Turns out, he has been playing dead in the Senate for a long time, too.

This year, as Rubio runs for president, he has cast the Senate — the very place that cemented him as a national politician — as a place he’s given up on, after less than one term. It’s too slow. Too rule-bound. So Rubio, 44, has decided not to run for his seat again. It’s the White House or bust.

“That’s why I’m missing votes. Because I am leaving the Senate. I am not running for reelection,” Rubio said in the last Republican debate, after Donald Trump had mocked him for his unusual number of absences during Senate votes.

So, four years into a six-year term, Marco Rubio is not just taking his ball and going home. It's worse that that. Rubio is calling out sick his final two years, and refusing to represent the very people who elected him in the first place. This is the man who wants your vote for president? Seriously?

Marco Rubio is the Republican version of Barack Obama. If you're okay with that, feel free to vote for him in the GOP primary. I will never vote for this man. Ever.


  1. Yeah, but you would vote for his wife who is a former Miami Dolphins cheerleader.

  2. Metoo - Cheerleader? Second look at Marco?

  3. Rubio is wrong on so many things

  4. When he first came on the national stage, I liked him. The more I learn, the less I like. I am becoming a Trump fan the longer he stays in. If nothing else it will be fun to watch and he couldn't be worse than the last 8 years.

  5. Rick - Primarily everything.

    Ingineer - I like Cruz and Fiorina, but it's so early, locking myself down now seems premature. Rubio, like Paul Ryan, was the rising star, then faded faster than my skinny jeans.