Saturday, July 30, 2005

A Public Service Announcement

Dearest readers,

Please know that I value each and every one of you who takes the time out of your busy day to visit this abomination of the English language. I also thoroughly appreciate every reader who leaves a comment or two (although it is not required). While SYLG will never reach the readership of a Dr. Phat Tony or a Garfield Ridge, the many links I have received from my bloggers in crime have done wonders for my notoriously bad self-esteem. You have my assurances that every site on my "Blog Faves" link is visited by yours truly on a daily basis. As "face painter" David Puddy would say, "Gotta support the team."

That being said, I am not a mind reader. I am more than happy to link someone who has done the same for me, but I can't do that unless you tell me what evil you've done. For instance, the lovely and talented Ding Ding has been kind enough to hook me up on her fabulous What Panda? I have been reading Ding Ding/Billy Fatman's work for a few weeks now, and it's gold, Jerry, gold (despite what she may think sometimes)! Don't let the punk 'do or the pregnancy photos fool you, she's got game. Check her out!

As for the rest of you, if you make the mistake of linking SYLG, lemme know, so I can return the favor. Dismissed!


  1. I haven't linked anymore blogs as of yet, but I really do have intentions to (it's such a freaking chore for me with those codes and it's frustrating!).

    I've been checking out the side bar of other blogs I go to and I do read. I may not have much to say and not leave a comment, but I will say that you all have great taste.

    I'll definitely be reading her, Professor.

  2. Yeah, she's different, but entertaining nonetheless.

  3. What's black and white and red?

    An embarassed Panda.

    Shucks, law-dog, I dunno what ta say. 'Cept thanks! :D

  4. Not a problem. I meant every word. Now, promise to not burn your house down, okay???

  5. I'm going to have to start another blogroll towards the bottom of my page to accomodate all the links now.

  6. I'm linking to you, post haste.

  7. More Danica.
    Besides that your doing a great job, Wyatt!!!