Tuesday, August 09, 2005

Crazy Eights

I know I mentioned it yesterday, but today is my 8th wedding anniversary. And if I didn't mention it again today, I'd be sleeping on the couch. Eight years. As Steve said yesterday, that's a long time in this day and age. Usually this is where most guys either get all mushy or start the wife jokes. I'll probably do the former.

Mrs. Earp (pictured here in '94 with an unidentified blogger - I guarantee this will be the last picture I post of myself . . . ever!) is really a gem. Before we met, I was a goofy-looking track nerd who couldn't land a date in a brothel. Imagine my surprise when she agreed to see me: "Whoo hoo! I hit the jackpot!!" And we've been going strong since 1992.

Of course, being a man (or reasonable facsimile), I don't tell her how much she means to me often enough. So, I figured I could highlight some of her finer points here:
  • She puts up with all of my unending crap.
  • She loves me unconditionally, even though I'm sometimes not that lovable.
  • She still thinks I'm attractive, even though I'm fat and troll-like in appearance.
  • She sacrificed her teaching career to be a stay-at-home mom.

Oh, and did I mention I she is way outta my league? Good.

Happy Anniversary, L!


  1. Hey, I'm famous. whooooo hoooo!!

    Nice post and again, Happy
    Anniversary!!! May there be many more!!

  2. Steve - You were also first . . . with flair!

    Doc - You ain't kidding. She found me living under a bridge.

  3. That's sweet!
    A great picture, too.

    Might I add that you do NOT appear troll-like, but conversely, she IS way out of your league! :)

    My wife is out of my league, too.
    God love her!

    (Going on 16 years!!! WOO-HOO!)

  4. You two look so wonderful. Great pic. :)

    Happy Anniversary!

  5. CUG - Yeah, I hit the lottery. this picture is ten years old, though. I sprouted the fangs and the warts only recently :)

    Kate - Thanks again!