Thursday, August 18, 2005

(West) Bank Robbery

"After that, it's clear sailing for the Jews, right?" – Millhouse (as Moses), The Simpsons

Oy, this story sucks! Today is the second day of forced evictions in the West Bank and Gaza Strip, and many Israelis have got to be feeling flatter than matzo bread. The military has been tearing people from their homes – at gunpoint – in order to implement a "peace agreement" with the Palestinians.

I'm sorry; did I wake up in The Twilight Zone?

Israeli Prime Minister Sharon formulated the brilliant plan (Sarcasm Alert!) as a gesture of goodwill towards the Palestinians. You remember them, the folks who have made it their life's mission to eradicate the Jews from the planet. Sharon's thinking (if you can call it "thinking") is that the pullout will ensure the future safety of Israel.


Excuse me while I look into my crystal ball. The uprooted Israeli settlers will try to make a new life for themselves, while the Palestinians will overrun their former homes. The Palestinians will stop the violence . . . for about six hours. Nothing they have ever done will convince me that they can keep their word on anything; especially when it pertains to sticking it to the Jews. These are the same people who never gave a rat's ass about this territory until it was given to the state of Israel in 1948. Then, all of the sudden, the Palestinians wanted it. Dealing with the Palestinians is like dealing with an infant.

And sometimes, an infant needs to be spanked.

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  1. Nice job... I feel ya brah...

    this whole situation assumes that we're too stupid or powerless to do anything about it. That infuriates me and I really don't even have a dog in this hunt.

    If a powerful leader can screw his people so boldly while having run on a platform of strength and strong nationalistic values bodes poorly for the future of a 'free' people.

    Israel is screwed, let the war of Armageddon begin.