Friday, May 18, 2007

Run For The Hills

Me, Fish, and Vinnie. Badger is passed out drunk in his room.

This weekend will see the continuation of an SYLG tradition: our annual golf trip to Heritage Hills Golf Resort. The overnight trek includes two days of golf (with carts), a room at the on-site hotel, and breakfast buffet on Monday morning. We leave at the crack of "Jesus Christ, it's early" Sunday. Badger's brother Sean is the brains behind the trip, and for the last few years, our outing has booked the resort solid. I believe we have 144 golfers this weekend. Sweet.

My foursome consists of myself, Badger, Vinnie Antonelli, and Fish. Our weekend is pretty standard. We make fun of each other, wager money on idiotic golf bets, and taunt each other during their back swings. Oh, and we drink. A lot. On almost every Monday morning - after the usual Sunday night kegger - Badger stays passed out past our tee time, and Vinnie spends way too much time eating at the buffet, while Fish and I are usually patiently waiting outside. Last year, all three were late, and when Fish finally stumbled out of the hotel, he almost fell down while carrying his golf bag. Nice!

This year will be different. Why? Well, not because we are giving up alcohol. This year will be different because we will be drinking even more. See, Vinnie and Badger thought up a terrific side game for the weekend. When a player scores par on a hole, the other three must do a shot of Jameson Whiskey. The player making par will do a shot of chocolate cake. Now, we all suck at golf, but even a blind golfer catches a par once in a while. I figure we'll be comatose before dinner.

Oh well, it's better than working, right?

We should be home by dinner on Monday evening, which will give us just enough time to make our ice hockey practice at 8pm!

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