Tuesday, November 06, 2007

Finally, After Six Days, Justice

On the day that many of Chuck Cassidy's friends and co-workers attended his viewing, there is some good news: the despicable assassin will be brought back to Philadelphia . . . in Chuck's handcuffs!
MIAMI – Philadelphia police detectives arrived on a flight this afternoon to collect John Lewis, the apprehended suspect in last week's killing of Police Officer Chuck Cassidy.

Observing a police tradition, the detectives tucked an extra item into their luggage: Cassidy's chrome handcuffs, which they plan to use to bring the suspect north to face prosecution here.
I only wish I was the lucky detective to tell Lewis whose cuffs he's wearing. And a little extra justice was served today, as well:
Investigators were disappointed yesterday to learn that Lewis, an Olney High School dropout who had worked at other Dunkin' Donuts outlets, had managed to escape the city while police were hot on his trail. Today they charged his cousin, Glover, with helping the suspect to escape. (H/T - The Philadelphia Inquirer)
Maybe next time you won't help your cop-killing thug cousin flee the jurisdiction, eh, Mr. Glover?

Oh, and for those of you who are interested, Fatty McButterpants made the news today. You can see me in all of my glory by clicking HERE. Note: This camera added about 200 pounds!

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