Monday, March 10, 2008

Many Tanks!

Blogging is really pretty cool. After almost three years behind the keyboard at SYLG, I have met a lot of interesting people, and corresponded with many, many more. Some of them are bloggers, and some are ever-loyal readers. All of them are appreciated.

Of course, it still amazes me when people link something I wrote on this literary abortion I call a blog. It amazes me further when someone famous talks about something I posted about here. Especially since, to my knowledge, that's never happened before. That is, until Friday night. Read this e-mail I received from Sebastian over at Snowflakes in Hell:

"I heard from Cam who does the NRA News talk show on Sirius Satellite Radio tonight that he picked up on your story that I linked to about the dummy who wrote that idiotic letter to the editor. Thought you might like to know your blog got a mention on a nationally broadcast talk radio show." - Sebastian

I would love to possess the composure to reply, "Yeah, no biggie. Thanks," but that's a bigger fantasy than my dream date with Uma Thurman. To be honest, I was both humbled and elated at the same time. Even if Cam said "Support Your Local Gunfighter" one time quickly and quietly, I would have still been honored. Hell, he could have been talking about the James Garner movie, and I would have been ecstatic.

Anyway, my point being is this: I wanted to thank Sebastian - who has been very good to SYLG, even after meeting me - and every other blogger, big and small, near or far, who has thrown a little recognition my way. Unlike some of the mega-bloggers who don't think twice about a link, I still get the giggles every time someone links me. Thank you.

And, as always, thank you - the readers - for staying with me through the usual crap to catch a glimpse of the occasional funny.


(BTW, the caption contest results are posted HERE.)

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