Monday, April 14, 2008


Cowboy Blob tagged me with a pretty cool meme. Here are the parameters:

Now, here's the meme: you don't have to go overboard like I did (I have no life), but post a pic of your favorite beverage vessel and tag 0 - 5 more bloggers to do so.

Done. Here ya go, with an explanation for each:

I am not a coffee drinker, but I enjoy tea on occasion, and these are my two favorite mugs. The one on the left is the largest, but as I tell the missus, it's usually not large enough. I refer to it as my "sick mug." When I'm sick as a dog, I want tea, and I want it in this ugly green vessel.

The one on the right is one I received for "Perfect Attendance" in 1995 - my second year as a cop. I made work every day that year in the 24th District, and actually repeated the perfect streak two more times in my career. Now, after fourteen years, I am much more cynical, and have realized that the Philadelphia Police Department only considers its employees as numbers, so when I get sick, I stay the hell home.

While I am not a coffee drinker, and only drink tea once in a while, I do like my other beverages in a glass. You can have plastic cups, because I don't think they get the drink cold enough. (Eventually, I will post my rant on glass bottles versus plastic ones.) The one on the left is my Daffy Duck glass. Visitors to Casa de Earp notice my Daffy Duck fascination immediately. I've been a fan of his work since I was a child.

The glass in the center is a Man's Weekend staple: the pint glass from The Pour House in Sea Isle City. I currently have five of these glasses, and we receive a new one every year. The Pour House Friday Night Special includes low prices on Guinness in the listed pint glass - before you take the glass home. Between Vinnie, Fish, Badger, and I, we probably have enough to open our own pub.

The one on the right is an Irish Coffee mug I received for being the 24th District's Officer of the Month in July, 1996. I rarely drink Irish Coffee, but I really like the mug.

This time, I'll tag a few bloggers just to shake things up. Let's go with Dorkelina, RT, Old NFO, and USA ADMIRAL.

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