Tuesday, April 15, 2008

The SYLG 200,000th Hit Contest!

"Almost there . . . almost there." - Red Leader, Star Wars IV: A New Hope

In case you haven't noticed - and judging by the comments, you haven't - this insignificant little blog is less than 1,000 hits away from 200,000. Yeah, I was shocked, too. Only in America can the illiterate son of circus freaks garner such widespread support. It is truly humbling.

The last time I approached a big milestone, I awarded a prize to visitor #100,000. The lucky visit was from RFTR, and he received Tombstone on DVD.

This time will be no different, so I am announcing the 200,000th Visit Contest. The 200,000th visitor to this blog will receive an SYLG prize pack, which includes the National Treasure Two-Disc Special Edition DVD and a PPD t-shirt. If I can land one, it will be a Chuck Cassidy shirt.

If by some strange occurrence, visitor #200,000 is a spambot, or someone who refuses to come forward and collect the prize, the winner will be the next identifiable visitor after the 100,000 mark is reached. Long story short: keep an eye on the Site Meter when you check in. It may also be a good idea to write down your entry and exit pages to further verify the winner.

Of course, the winner will have to send me their mailing address, so the prize can be shipped, but that info will remain "in the vault."

If my hit trends continue, I'll reach 200,000 on either Thursday or Friday. So, keep watching the Site Meter, kids, and good luck!

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