Saturday, May 03, 2008

"Bikini Mate" Biology Teacher Fired

Because as everyone knows, if you're an attractive woman who is forced to find another job because your teacher's salary is pitiful, you must be a whore.

A high school science teacher in Florida has been booted from class, a decision she claims administrators made not based on poor job performance but on her moonlighting gig as a bikini mate aboard a local charter fishing boat.

Tiffany Shepherd, 30, a college-educated single mother of three children, ages 2, 6, and 9, had worked for four years in Florida's St. Lucie County School District, just north of Palm Beach, before an ugly divorce early this year caused enough financial strain that she had to seek a second job.

"I wasn't making enough money," Shepherd, a Florida native and self-described lifelong angler, told ABC News. "This was perfect because I could get paid to fish. It was easy money. In two days fishing, I make more that I do in a week teaching."

Her first fishing trip, Shepherd said, was Saturday, April 19. Four days later, she called into her school, Port St. Lucie High, to arrange for a substitute in order to attend a doctor's appointment. In the process, she learned that she was not welcome back for the rest of the year, nor would she have her annual contract for the 2008-09 school year renewed. (H/T - ABC News)

Okay, of course I am mentioning this story because Tiffany is smoking hot, but that's not the issue here. The issue is that this is a non-issue. The fact that the school district is claiming she was fired for excessive absences just shows that their case is weak at best. Just because a woman works as a bikini girl on a fishing charter to earn extra money does not mean she's a bad teacher. Besides, I'm sure the same school district has one or two political wackos in their employ that rant about how the Bush Administration is full of cold-blooded killers or that Barack Obama is a racist hate-monger.

Personally, I'd rather hire Tiffany Shepherd before Ward Churchill.

I mean, it's a frakkin' bikini, not topless, and she lives in SUNNY FLORIDA!!!

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