Saturday, May 03, 2008

Obama's Wrong Reverend Wright

I held off commenting about the latest idiotic diatribes from Barack Obama's former pastor Jeremiah Wright, primarily because they were the focus of my article at Family Security Matters this week. The story has been analyzed to death, but I think I really scored a funny here.

Here's a sample:

After six tumultuous weeks of spirited debates and angry diatribes, Democrat presidential front-runner Barack Obama attempted to distance himself from his former pastor, the Rev. Jeremiah Wright. At first, Obama tried taking one step back, and two steps to the left, but his advisors explained that he probably needed to distance himself further.

Luckily for the senator from Illinois, moving away from the good reverend was easier than getting crack cocaine from Amy Winehouse. It is no great understatement to say that Rev. Wright enjoyed a thoroughly busy week. First, he made these remarks at the NAACP’s Fight for Freedom Dinner in Detroit, Michigan:

"I'm not here for political reasons. I am not a politician. I know that fact will surprise many of you because many in the corporate-owned media have made it seem as if I have announced that I'm running to for the Oval Office. I am not running for the Oval Office. I've been running for Jesus a long, long time, and I'm not tired yet."

. . . Immediately after these comments were televised, Barack Obama reportedly sat down, wrapped his head in duct tape, and waited for the aneurysm.

You can read the rest of the snark HERE.

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