Saturday, May 03, 2008

It's Weigh Day!

Well, it's that time again. Time to see how the fat guy - well, less fat guy - has done this past week. After two hockey games and a good week at making Weight Watchers points, I was encouraged. It would be nice to get to 206, which would make for a grand total of 30 pounds lost.

So, when I got on the scale, this little nugget was staring back at me:

207 Pounds

Damn. Like it would kill the thing to lie and say I lost the thirty. Oh well, it's still a one pound loss for the week, and 29 pounds overall. That's real progress kids, and the fact that my pants are almost too loose now and my belt is completely useless is worth the effort.

You know, this contest started on January 1st, with the provision that we would track our progress from then until June 30th. The original competitors were Sssteve, RT, Mrs. Grim, Grimjack, SoHos, Joe Cool, and GOP and College. Now, there are only 58 days left to get on your horses, kids. Let's go!

Of course, if y'all want to submit to my weight loss prowess, I will happily accept your $10 donations.

Other Progress Reports:
RT (I think she's the only other original competitor still in it.)

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