Friday, December 26, 2014

She Blinded Me With Science

While surfing the interwebz last night, I found this; 21 Sex Tips Science Says Actually Work. I thought #21 was funny, because I always wear my socks.

There are plenty of men and women's magazines that offer a bunch of bullshit "Have the Wildest Sex Ever Now" articles. They know it's a bunch of garbage, but they also know that you'll buy it. Well, we're here to help -- and we aren't going to charge you for it.

Our readers dug through the B.S. to bring you facts about sex that science says are true. The best is below, but first the runners-up ...

This is apparently the number one tip...

Okay ladies, have any of you had experience with this, because it sounds like nonsense.


  1. I will get back to you. I'm leaving a message for my stock broker to purchase stock in socks and Altoids.

  2. Thank you Wyatt for doing the work most journalists won't do and asking the tough questions.

  3. Depends on WHERE the intimate kisses are...

    Hi, Wyatt & Mollie (or is that Ellen???)!

  4. Metoo - I really need to try the Altoids thing. Someone remind me!

    Ellen - I knew you were a classy broad.

    Ingineer66 - It's a thankless job... unless a commenter thanks me.

    MelP - I'm guessing it works better South of the Border.

    Ellen - Yes, and Mollie and Ellen are both certifiable. I mean, um, welcome back!

  5. Really, am I always the last one...after all these years I find that you have been blogging with another site. Yes, my voice is getting higher and shriller :)