Thursday, January 08, 2015

Because That's How You Get Ants!

The sixth season of Archer begins tonight, and it's going to be better than cancer sex.

The celebrity phone hacking scandal was one of 2014’s biggest controversies. And, sadly, in the New Year the problem has already spread to the intelligence community, with Archer’s Pam Poovey being the latest victim.

What has been revealed are some of Pam’s most intimate moments. Also proof that food and sex are pretty much interchangeable for her.

This is of course a grotesque violation of Pam’s privacy, and we strongly condemn the hackers who have perpetrated it. But if you want more, check out more new Archerisms here as well as the season premiere of Archer, this Thursday at 10pm on FX!

I will be watching the season premiere tonight (10pm on FX).


  1. I have never seen Archer. Maybe, on your advice, I'll record or watch it tonight. I am not going to search the internet and I am not really asking what it is but I have never heard of cancer sex.

  2. Jack - It is the funniest show on television. Cancer sex is a phrase from an episode. The main character gets pity sex when he thinks he has cancer.

  3. Glad you turned Ellen! I'm sure she is thanking you now that the season opener is over! I am not a fan of the name Abigene, however.

  4. Metoo - Neither am I. I am a fan of the new nickname "Captain Shitnuts" and the use of the term "goop."

    Best line of the night, "Eat a buffet of dicks, jungle!"

    And next week, Conway Stern returns!

  5. I did not get to watch the season premier. I am glad to say that previous seasons are all on hulu or netflix. Like Ellen, I will watch it between football games this weekend.