Thursday, January 08, 2015

Islamists Storm Paris Office, Murder Twelve

This time, they stormed the Paris offices of Charlie Hebdo Magazine, and killed twelve journalists for insulting Muhammad... by inserting him into political cartoons. Oh, and on their way out the door, the murdered a police officer as he begged for mercy.

These images show the disturbing moment that a murdered police officer pleaded for his life before being executed by masked gunmen who launched a deadly terrorist attack on an anti-Islamist newspaper in France.

A video from the scene of yesterday's massacre shows officer Ahmed Merabet - believed to be a Muslim - lying wounded on the pavement and begging for mercy before being shot at point-blank range by the terrorists.

As they approach, the 42-year-old is seen raising his hand in appeal for mercy, before asking: ‘Do you want to kill me?’ The gunman then answers: ‘OK chief’ before shooting him through the head with the assault rifle.

I don;t think I need to stress the fact being murdered for cartoons is the epoch of insanity. A close second would the American Left's reaction to the massacre, which has been nothing short of, "Well, they kinda deserved it." You need to know what American liberals stand for. They do not fight evil; they fight those who fight evil. Here's a sample of the reactions, courtesy of Ace of Spades HQ:

The Obama Administration - who refuses ONCE AGAIN to deem the attack "terrorism."

Democrat Party Chair Howard Dean.

The Daily Beast's Sally Kohn.

Canadian writer Anne Theriault.

"News" station CNN.

I could go on and on, but you get the point. Your liberal friends will try to convince you the journalists at Charlie Hebdo deserved to be slaughtered, and they brought this upon themselves; don't let them.

Oh, and because it is important to understand the Islamist mindset, video of the police officer's assassination is below the fold. It is not terribly graphic, but I urge you to watch it. You need to understand we cannot bargain with these people.

These animals will not stop until all the infidels are dead.


  1. "...deserved to be slaughtered, and they brought this upon themselves..."

    Using that logic, Sarah Palin would get a free pass if she stormed the offices of Comedy Central and sprayed hot lead at everybody in sight. But I somehow don't think any of these leftists would be inclined to give her a free pass for that. Or anything else, for that matter.

  2. John - No, because that is "different." Or something.

  3. Clearly another case of "workplace violence" not terrorism.