Wednesday, January 07, 2015

Man Snatches Great Idea Outta Thin Air

Guys, now would be a good time to introduce your chicks to video games.

Tom Chen is a Beijing-based physicist and game designer who will release something called the SKEA - which is short for "Smart Kegel Exercise Aid" - later this month.

The SKEA fits into a woman's vagina and allows her to play video games hands-free just by tightening her kegel muscles, the pelvic floor muscles that support the uterus, bladder, small intestine and rectum.

The prototype game for the SKEA is called "Alice In Continent," where players help Alice dodge obstacles by clenching their vagina. The contractions send signals to the control that go to the game.

Alice In Continent? Is Chen going to have a device to cure that, too?


  1. A guy named Tom in China
    Said, "This idea I have, nothing's finah!
    "A lady played my game,
    "And moments later came!
    "See, she played it in her vagina!"

  2. Ellen - You know, every once in a while you peel off another layer of yourself - like an onion. Afterward I am very frightened. Every single time.

    Nick - It won't be the first time someone said "Wii" while playing down there.

  3. Hey, Wyatt, did you see that the new season of Archer starts this Thursday? The commercial plays some pretty awesome music (Bl@ck Betty).

  4. MelP - I did indeed see it - great song, by the way - and my work here is done: I got Ellen hooked on Archer during the summer.