Sunday, February 04, 2007

Bumped: Weekend Caption Contest

"It's Groundhog Day!!!" Caption this photo in the comments section, and I'll post the winners on Monday.

Other current contests: Cowboy Blob, Rodney Dill

Top 5 Entries

5. "And this is what happened to the last person who didn't address me as MISTER Wizard!" - Fmragtops
4. Now will they learn not to let ex-football players handle the groundhog? Especially those whose end-zone dances include an enthusiastic spike? Oh, the humanity! - Cowboy Blob
3. "I caught him on a spinner bait and a 15 lb test. Put up a heck of a fight, but I reeled him in." - Dr. Phat Tony
2. "This shure'n beats dwarf tossing. We can throw these little sucka's a heck of a lot further." - Rodney Dill
1. "I smell vamint poontang, and the only good varmint poontang is dead varmint poontang. Freeze gopher . . . I mean, groundhog!" - Randal Graves

1 comment:

  1. I'm pretty sure you lost my comment on this one. I'm sure it was the most clever thing ever. I just can't seem to remember it now though.