Monday, February 19, 2007

BUMPED! Weekend Caption Contest Winners

Maybe Tyler D is on to something with the Formula 1 stuff . . .

Sorry, I just couldn't do politics this week. Post your entries in the comments section, and I'll list the winners by Monday. Photoshops are welcomed, and they can be sent to my e-mail address in the Profile section.

Other Current Contests:
Cowboy Blob
Rodney Dill
Gone Rick Motel
Damian G.

Top Ten Entries:
10. "Sorry, perv. You can't "unsheathe your sword" around here. - The Anti-Hippie
9. "I am too Superman, look at my cape!" - Fmragtops
8. The Roman Empire accepts its first trans-gendered Centurion. - Wagonsux
7. Contestants chat before auditions begin on American Idol: Village People Edition. - John D
6. The new leather chastity belt was more than enough to defend against the Cloth Crusader. - Deathlok
5. "As the Trojan spokesmodel, do you provide a "hands on" demonstration of your product? Just wonderin'." - RT
4. "You know, if you ride with me, I can get you 0 to Naked in 3.2 seconds." - GOP and College
3. "Why yes, that is a gladius in my pocket." - Rodney Dill
2. "I'll take a pack of Magnums . . . and some rubber bands please." - The Man

Winner! - "That chastity belt delenda est!" - Cowboy Blob

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