Sunday, March 11, 2007

BUMPED: Weekend Caption Contest Results

Pushmi-Pullyu Caption Contest
(Source: Yahoo!)

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Cowboy Blob

The Top Ten Entries:
10. Calm your ass down, young man! - Big White Hat
9. NY Times Headline: Three American Servicemen make untoward advances toward Ibn Wirqin Ondaraylrode's wife. - Fmragtops
8. "How did you get your ass stuck in the mud anyway??" - Dragon Lady
7. Yup, the burro is a Democrat. We wind up doing the work while the Jackass eats up our corn. - chsw
6. Cutting the budget even farther, The Democrats replace the Humvee with the Donkee. - Wagonsux
5. The 23rd Armored Infantry after the Democrats cut off funding. - The Man
4. "Ya, Hillary, Ya!" - Rodney Dill
3. Introducing President Bush's plan to increase the safety of our troops with the armored plated burros. - Randal Graves
2. Al-Jazeera headline: Brutal American Occupiers Kick Iraqi Boy's Ass. - John D

WINNER! - Come On, Iraq!! Move Your Ass!! - Deathlok

Thanks, everyone, there ere a lot of terrific entries! Oh, and in a related manner, yours truly took an Honorable Mention in OTB's Caption Contest. You can see the winners HERE.

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