Saturday, March 01, 2008

Attention Bloggers!

Be wary when posting photos on your blog or website if they are not your own. Be especially wary if they are from the Associated Press. Why? Well, they forced this blog to shut down because the site owner (Mr. Ledbetter) did not "have a valid license to use AP's images."

Eh, what? Oh, I get it. Spelling America with a "k," are we?

Look, the man was not making any money from the photos, he was merely posting them. He also gave credit where credit was due. What exactly is the problem here?

Well, according to Priti H. Doshi, the AP's Corporate Counsel, the unlicensed posting of AP photos borders on copyright infringement, something the AP treats as a "serious matter and is fully prepared to commence legal action." How absurd. The man is (or, was) a blogger, not a newspaper or magazine. I mean, really, instead of wasting your time trying to sue the pants off an Average Joe, why not put that effort into your reporting?

The really creepy part about this story is that I have seen a few readers here who have logged in from the AP. Hi, guys! If you're penning a threatening letter to me now, save your ink. Starting next week, my caption contests - which always give credit to the source - will never again use an AP image.

And believe me: you really have to go to Mr. Ledbetter's blog and read the AP letter. It will blow your mind.

(H/T to The Jawa Report for the info.)

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