Friday, August 19, 2005

Many Tanks!

I have been called a lot of things (fat, stupid, fat and stupid) but I've never been called ungrateful. I asked for help yesterday with my Navbar sizing problem, and although the problem seems to have corrected itself, I appreciate the efforts of the folks who chimed in with advice. I am a man of my word, so let the Shout-Outs begin.

A4G is first on the list. If my problem returns, I will definitely look into eliminating the Navbar. I thank you for your help, and bow to your Buddhist nature. Check out A4G, folks! You'll thank him later.

Pandy attacks problems like I do, and that's a very scary thought. I tried to fiddle with my template as well, and was pleasantly surprised that my trial-and-effort method didn't start a fire in my mother board. I am proud to be one of only ten links on Pandy's blog. Check her out, but don't tell her she looks fat!

Of course, where would we be without Tyler D.? (If he uses that as a political slogan, I want royalties!) The ever-cryptic voice of teenaged wisdom hadn't even noticed that the Navbar on his site had changed. Ya gotta love him. And ya gotta read him.

1 comment:

  1. I'm glad others chimed in on your call for help. As a professional with 20 years programming experience, I am well qualified to screw up any piece of code I touch. Shortly after I started my wee blog, I totally trashed my template and had to start all over again. Now I make a backup before I even add a new link.