Tuesday, July 10, 2007

Let's Take Up A Collection For This Model Citizen

Because this makeshift memorial (complete with a Muslim prayer) is simply not enough for an innocent civilian who was summarily executed by the racist Philadelphia Police.

Seven police officers fired up to 85 rounds at a "deranged" man who was killed while pacing with a gun on a South Philadelphia street corner, authorities said yesterday.

EIGHTY-FIVE ROUNDS!!! That is truly excessive! Oh, they were dispersed between seven officers? Hold on . . . 85 divided by seven equals 12. So, each officer fired twelve rounds at this man. Shameful!

Police Commissioner Sylvester M. Johnson said police shot the man, who was speaking incoherently, after he did not respond to repeated orders to drop the weapon Sunday evening and pointed it at the officers.

Hold the liberal righteousness! It appears that this innocent civilian was refused to drop the gun after being ordered to do so multiple times, then pointed the weapon at the officers. Hmm . . .

Steven Miller, 30, of the 1600 block of South Taney Street, had a fully loaded pistol but did not fire, officials said.

Oh, well the officers should have waited until Mr. Miller - not of The Steve Miller Band - fired a few rounds at them first. I mean, isn't that why they have ballistic vests???

Two officers required treatment for friendly-fire graze wounds from ricocheting bullet fragments or debris.

And the suspect required treatment for lead poisoning. Say hello to Allah for me, scumbag.

Johnson, calling the two "very lucky," said police officials were concerned about the number of rounds fired. He said that some officers would be retrained as a result and that the department was looking at weapons training overall. (H/T - The Philadelphia Inquirer)

Police officials? YOU'RE THE MAIN POLICE OFFICIAL, COMMISSIONER???!!! What do you think about this? Would you be more "concerned" if the officers were shot and killed? This man pointed a gun at the Philadelphia Police. He lost. End of story.

The last thing this department needs is more restrictions on the use of deadly force. As it is, officers are afraid to draw their guns when necessary because they are scared to death of the city's bleeding-heart liberal policies implemented by Internal Affairs. Sooner or later, that hesitation is going to get an officer killed.

January (and Johnson's retirement) cannot get here soon enough.

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