Wednesday, July 11, 2007

Maybe This Is Why Philly's Courts Are A Joke?

Brace yourselves, kids. This story is the definition of comedy!
Philadelphia Judge Willis W. Berry Jr. yesterday promised to quickly fix up a dilapidated property in North Philadelphia - the same promise he made when he bought it from the city in 1993. He was about 14 years too late.

The city's Vacant Property Review Committee unanimously concluded that since Berry had failed to rehab the property, the city should take it back. "It's substantially deteriorated," board member Melvis Dunbar said of the building. "I'm doubtful that he can do this."

Berry, a Common Pleas Court judge who dabbles in real estate and moonlights as a landlord, bought the property for $7,000 and pledged to fix it up within a year.

Instead, as The Inquirer reported in April, Berry allowed the four-story building at 15th and Poplar Streets to deteriorate into a ruin - one of a string of derelict properties he owns in North Philadelphia. It still sits vacant, with trash strewn on the front sidewalk and pigeons nesting in its rafters. (H/T - The Philadelphia Inquirer)
Did you re-read the bold paragraph? Judge Berry - pictured on the right in a perfect caption contest photo - "dabbles in real estate and moonlights as a landlord." Wow. Well, riddle me this, caped crusader: when does he have time to meter out steaming bowls of hot justice?!!!

I have had the unique displeasure to be present in Judge Berry's courtroom during my career, and I can tell you this: the last thing on this guy's mind is his judicial duties. Please "Your Honor," for the sake of this city's escalating crime rate, step down from the bench and follow your dream of becoming Donald Trump. The victims of this city will thank you for it.

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